ZZL – “Warm Glow” – Set Review

A truly airy, beautiful set featuring the beautiful model, as known as on her Zivity account, ZZL. 

Steamy, dream inducing set by the beautiful ZZL. Photographer SmashBase. Features this beautiful  model quite perfectly, and in my opinion one of the best featured on her profile. 
I might be biased to the whole, bright lighting-morning time-esque type of sets. But, the morning can be one of the most beautiful times to see the one that you love, in theory. This set does a good job of emulating that, for all intensive purposes. 
ZZL’s posing ability as featured in this set is quite spot on, and her photographer beautifully captures her body nicely within frame. She showcases her wealth of beauty, stretching her limbs out in some shots. This showing some imaginative posing which takes the set from potential mundanity, which can sets can often suffer from, and turns it into an imaginative playground of sexuality. 
The use of light, and shadows also does a great job in showcasing, the form and online of the model. The photographer, certainly has hit this nail on the head in shooting this set, and does well to accent the model’s unique body in a way that highly complements her talents of artistic modeling. Truly, this is a set that could be featured in a nice, guest bathroom, or above the breakfast table in the walls of a nice ivory color kitchen. Of a bachelor, of course. 
It’s a top teir, photo-set for the books. 
Check out the entire set on the feature page here – Warm Glow – ZZL
Source: Zivity.com