Delacour – Teenage Kicks – Set Review

Lets take a look into the set of this beautiful vixen known simply as Delacour today. . .

There are many Suicide sets posted up on the SG site, each with women beautiful in their right, with their own appeal, but this model Delacour has a certain undeniable appeal that stands out above the rest that most will be unlikely able to ignore.

The setup of the piece is quite simple. We have the model Delacour a simple shirt, and undies, untop a bed, and everything happens to be color coordinated to each other, many points for this. 
Aside from the minimal set up, we have the model who is the true shine of the entire rendition. Her beauty is more-or-less the focus in the set. This is an agreeable choice, as she would be quite fine simply placed on a white sheet in the middle of the dessert, without the need of any other distractions.

Although simple, it is apparent that there was some idea of relation of the colors such as the California Republic flag, that matches with her for some reason the British underwear arrangements. I’m not aware the relation of the two, but the color coordination is perfect, so it’s nothing to complain about in the least bit. Neither is anything else for that matter.

Delacour is perfectly exhibited on this lush cloud colored backdrop, who’s posing is simple yet very well fitting of the set, and her tan lines which also seem to fit perfectly with the rather light scenery. Besides from that, the white of the scene really makes her multi-colored green hair pop, it’s just another arrangement that makes you say “wow” when looking at this set.

The model is beautiful almost at the pinnacle of genetic perfection, and that’s what you see when you look at this set, as which was probably the intent and to that a good job. 

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