Pulp – “Anything Goes” – Set Review

Here we have what happens to be a truly decedent set, by the lovely SuicideGirl Pulp!

In the latest of the works on her profile we see the brilliantly beautiful lass named Pulp return in all of her amazing glory. This time in a particularly softly lit scenic shoot, captured sofa-side. For past appreciators of this model, however there is something different about her this time. A slight change, in what I think actually does many wonders, and might actually prove to be the best look for her is the blue-grey pastel hair.

For some reason, it really brings out the beauty of her in my humble opinion, and really does well to make her cat-like eyes pop.

As for her attire, she is rather casually dressed, similar to what one might be wearing on a normal weekly hang out, or meet up get-together, the simple top and red skirt look good on her. Not to mention the brilliantly picked lingerie, that just so happens to be a perfect match with her chosen hair color.

There are just not enough good things I can really say about this set, it’s just that amazing.

As for her posing, its simple, seductive, elegant, while she still is able to perfectly display her body within frame, truly showing off her wonderful physique, from the look of her, I actually find it hard to imagine she is only five foot three inches tall! I would have had her at five foot eleven at least, looking at her goddess-esque frame, truly astounding.

Overall this a great set, and one of my favorites in the alt model library. If you’re wanting to take a look at the entire set, do so by clicking the links below!

Pulp – Anything Goes – Set

Source SuicideGirls.com