Risk – Constellation – Set Review

The review of the lovely set featuring the beautiful Risk, whose name just might be quite fitting. . .
Simple but luxurious, featuring the very cute resident model of Suicide Girls Risk. In this feature she goes for a more planetary inspired look, as the title and her galaxy themed skirt might imply. It’s very much an appealing theme.

Here once the clothes come off, it transforms into a imaginative rendition of a rather nude breakfast scene such as the fantasy of many male, or female even, audience members.

The posing here is good, verging on the rather simple and elegant, with attention paid to the rather girlish-ness of this particular model.

It’s a nice simple, and soft look that appears to fit Risk very well. It’s rather innocent in a way that works to accentuate the model’s supple figure. It aims to please in a way that fits her particular modeling style very well.

Although for some reason, it seems like there’s a box of nonchalantly placed cereal that is missing. I think the set could have profited from the prop of a bowl of marshmallowy goodness, if only just a little.

All in all, Constellation is a rather simple straight forward piece mainly centered around the model, in simple SG fashion. For that it works very well.

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Source – Suicidegirls.com