SarElle – Against The Grain – Set Review

Crisp, clean sexualness melodically submitted with love, today’s set review of SarElle’s awesome set.
Firstly I have to say that the effects of this set are amazing. They almost capture the old 35mm feel brought into the new generation. The look of it is really the piece’s main appeal, along with the lovely SarElle of course.

Simply, softly lit and overyly seducing is the against the grain set staring SarElle. As a model, she is a pure beauty that is perfectly displayed in this rather classically presented photo shoot.

The set is short and sweet, yet it perfectly captures the models essence in this short roll of frames. Its a good representation on how elaborate set-ups and backdrops, and props aren’t necessary to create artistic magic.

The deep colors of the darks, and the glaring whiteness of the white love seat in contrast against the darkness of the shadows accents perfectly SarElle’s fair colored skin and her dark brunette hair.

It’s safe to say that the model’s look almost begs to be featured in such a manner, as her form is perfectly, and flawlessly imposed amongst her surroundings.

Reminiscent of a pure example of what pin-up style shoots should look like, as it practically bleeds the term photography.

She poses elegantly, transcendent of human senses as her form extends in across the frames. Quite essentially the equivalent of the natural beauty of a feline in its natural habitat, as she’s embraced by shadows leaving her a mysterious goddess in certain shots.

It was ever too easy to fall in love with the set, only to be left with longing feelings of wanting more. Sometimes it’s definitely true that quality does weigh heavily over quantity in certain cases, and this set was a fine example.

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