Rasta_ – With Love – Set Review

View the review of the Earthy-serene, yet-devilish set featuring the lovely model Rasta_

This set is rather unique of the SG world. It’s beautiful and a little different particularly in the area of the scenery. It’s not often that we see many natural backdrops in the realm of SG, and this one is a nice change of pace. 
What most gripping at first view of this set is the color balance in the unique coordination of the model’s hot pink, dare-I-say rosey hair color. It’s a perfect match for the green tree leaves, and matches very well the flowers that surround her. 
This was a wonderful choice of the photographer, and model as these features perfectly accent the piece. I simply cannot stress how much this set surprisingly gripped me, it quite blew me away in the subtle yet mysterious shadows that overcast the shots. The ambiance the presence of the shadows create makes this set that much deeper than your average alt set. 
It’s truly glorious how it creates the lasting appeal and unforgettableness of this piece, it almost draws you in with its artistic seductiveness. It also seems to fit the model’s style very well, as she modest, but honestly poses delicately against the soil and trees. 
Its almost as if in accepting the reality of this shot, that your senses become convoluted, and the rest of the world seems to drop away as a result. 
This set is definately one of the most wonderfully accented shots on the net at the current moment, and is one for the books, pure organic beauty overall.