Skiba – Disco – Set Review

Today’s look at the bubbly, yet crafty set featuring the beautifully meek SG model Skiba.

Simple in concept, vast in beauty is this set aptly named Disco featuring the debut set of Skiba. The rather bookwormishly beautiful lovely, with nice features.

 She is impressive in her abundance of energy as she takes command of your attention with her girlish glee. Skiba is a pure heartbreaker for those into the meek type, with the undoubtable wild side.
They keep it simple, and supple here, featuring mostly her form in many of the frames. 
With due reason, as the model is enough to keep your interest peaked.
The posing is rather simple as well, simple full body, and cut-off shots, and couple click-frames, but again, this is just enough as the loveliness of Skiba is obviously the prime subject of your viewing pleasure. 
The photographer does a good job of displaying her unique beauty in a way that retains you from getting bored, with Skiba’s energy doing a good job at fulfilling the tone of the piece, completing the circle of intrest. 
Here’s a perfect illustration of how beautiful girls, and fun photography makes beautiful sets. 
It’s simple, and darn right enjoyable, like ice-cream on a nice afternoon. It just fits. 
Sure there are a few things in the bg, there’s a disco ball to justify the set’s title, but let’s face it, this piece is really Skiba featuring Skiba and all of her wonderful beauty, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 
Beautiful set overall. Much love to the model. Be sure to keep out a look for more work featuring her.  
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