Theresa Manchester – Golden Calf – Set Review

Welcome to the alluring mahogany dream set of the fabulous amazingly skilled mode Theresa Manchester.

This particular set plays on the fantasies of the audience almost in a melodic fashion, it drips with molten substance and reverberates with warm tingling temptation.

The setting is done in a rather perfectly executed deep golden tone, under the minimalistic illumination of a single lamp, which also perfectly fits the tone, if I might add.

On the note of minimalism, this set is that true-and-true, and uses only exactly what it needs to create the perfect shots. The execution is perfectly planned, and expertly executed in a way that fulfills all of your prime viewing needs seemingly without effort even.

Theresa’s modeling execution is on point, just the same.

She manages to perfectly capture the vibes set by the lighting, once again proving herself to be a top grade model, who’s skills are rarely paralleled in my humble opinion.

The photographer of this wonderful piece was also definitely on point at creating these various angles, and being able to capture her beauty in many different ways. Not too crazy, but classically styled just enough to please.

The ambiance of the piece resembles something of a magical gypsy-esque journey. One lead by a mysterious beautiful female, in a path to find spiritual awakening, if you will. This of which, I think embodies Theresa’s personality as a model very well.

She always has this kind of spiritual resonance about her that is really unique compared to many of the other models in this genre. There is simply a magical essence to her, that always seems to shine, and here is no different.

All-in-all, this set is simply pure golden perfection, in which any of the shots would be worth being set in a luxuriously designed golden frame, and hung up for brilliant display.

One of the most artistically enticing works of hers in my opinion, it’s definitely brings a warm joy to my soul at witnessing it. 

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