Ramen -Sound Escape – Set Review

Set Review of this fun, colorful set featuring the vibrant SG model Ramen 

Green ramen? Sure why not. Well that’s what we are presented with here, but hold the Dr. Sues jokes. This here is a nice set featuring the classy, hip alt model Ramen. I’m not sure how hip she actually is, but I can say that I did find this set rather hip in concept, it might also be in part to the headphones but there is no way to be sure. Probably the headphones. 
Well, here I introduce you to the wonderful lovely Ramen, with the name of the rich decadent meal of the poor, and or lazy. This is unless you actually have the means to acquire actual ramen, in all of its authentic glory, which is not for lazy-cheapians at all. Yes I just made up that term. 

Authentic rather, it is seems to be a great way to describe this set. The model seems to be nothing but authentic in the portrayal of her personality within these shots. The set is fun, cute, sweet, and sexy all at the same time.

The photographer does a wonderful job at capturing those key angles, utilizing the light and shadows in key ways to accentuate her particular beauty as well.

There is nothing overboard in the area of posing, rather it’s the imaginative angles, and dynamic lighting that makes this one a winner. As an art appreciator, its hard to not be overwhelmed by Ramen’s unique charm, and beauty its simple sweet and great.