Mermaid – Sunset Stripes – Set Review

Delicious brilliant blue hues, dark tones, light skin and pure perfectness in one collection of shots.

This particular set is of a model of my particular favor whom goes by the name of Mermaid. Mermaid is a current SG site publish model, and has been for quite some time. The set featured here is actually the first of hers, as featured on the site as it dates back to 2012. I thought it was a good set to review, as it is the first of hers and I think it has it’s own special charm, as does she.
The setting is simple enough, as the background isn’t too much showcased or featured within the shot with the model being the main focus. She presents herself particularly well. Somewhat of a sultry, shy female, sort of a quiet domestic feline animal of sorts, as her expressions fall more on the softer side 

The entire set itself is rather soft, as bright lighting is used, but it’s edited in a rather soft fashion, rather whimsically.

Her posing can be translated as somewhat quiet, and forgotten although it’s apparent she is at least aware of her own beauty. The bright lighting, mixed with the soft shadows does wonders for the “mysterious” tone of this piece. This is not to mention the bright somewhat candy-like blue hair of Mermaid, which sets off a huge appeal.

It’s rather obvious, that when set against her fair skin in bright lighting in spots, even concealed within shadow, the brightness of her hair creates a lovely effect.

Its eye catching, and really would set off the allure of her, while introducing her talents within this set.

Overall the set is magnificently done, it really speaks for itself as to the uniqueness of it, and the featured model, as she stands out brilliantly amongst fellow muses.

This set was a rather dominant declaration of as the beauty of Mermaid, unto the world of alternative modeling.

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