Zerotia – The Early Summer – Set Review

Today’s appreciation review greenery-scenery set featuring the beautifully curvaceous Zerotia. 

I might be a little partial, because this particular model just happens to be one of those that I particularly fancy, out of the modest list of my favorite alternative models. That fact aside, the proof is in the putting that this set is what pure dreams are made of.

Take a look to take in the appropriate selection of the lush greenery, how the soft glowing sunlight beams down through the leaves and bounces of the radiant skin of this beautiful muse. It’s enough to take your breath away, and leave stars in your eyes. Apart from the beauty of the model, it’s really the entirety of the scenery coupled with the appropriately framed shots that make this set a winner, its simply beautiful. 
Its apparent from the starting point that the main focus on the set is purely the body of the model, with no regard for fancy poses or tricky angles. Sure, with other sets this can come off a tad bland and routine, but in this set I think that it really fits.

For starters Zerotia, as a model is just heavenly to look at as her fair creamlike complexion shines beautifully amist the golden sunlight. You can’t help but to be amazed by the pure naturalness of it.
 Looking at the model as placed in her surroundings she almost seems like a feline in her natural habitat, a place of fantasy where there are no need for such things as clothing. It’s worth noting that her complexion really does play well amassed in the natural surroundings of the woods. 
It’s awe-inspiring. 
As noted previously, the posing is simple, the camera-play is modest, and that is basically all that is needed as it seems that its just naturally suited that this set would come out as beautifully as it did. 
There aren’t indeed not too many models that could pull off such a natural, polished feel of a piece as Zerotia has proved her ability to showcase here. 
Top grade set. 
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