Bear – Recline – Set Review

A review of this very sensual, and dazzling pic set by the amazing Bear

Here we have a set that you can feel within your toes. One that makes your inner art muscle, tingle with glee and delight. Okay, maybe there is no such thing, but If anything this set will sure make you feel as if you have one. But this set is pretty fantastic, the model is always a winner, and the organization between the designs of the rug, and outfit correlation makes a pretty spiffy looking shot. 

The flannel button up against the vine designs of the dark carpet is a nice touch, stylish- yet sexy. Bear looks wonderful here as always, her bare skin against the dark colored floor enhancing the effect she has on the viewer. The lighting also helps with giving it an overall, natural classy-serious feel. Very pristine, dark- and passionate.

The deep tonality of the editing really gives it a thrilling look, heightened with a sensual vibe with just a hint of sexuality.  Bear does a great job at setting the simple tone here, finding herself naturally within frame, simply allowing the photographer to capture her natural essence.

Recline, is simple, sweet and to the point, while still managing to be wonderfully polished. A hot model, some cool intricate designs, and a crisp clean output, where is there to go wrong?

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