Lethal – Teach Me – Set Review

Lethal is a petite-baddie with whole lot of sass, and sexy appeal. Seriously bad-ass. 

Pink haired, princess, with a punk passionate style. . first thoughts on this majorly stylish set. The set is for starters, clean-and-crisp as fresh celery plucked during a foggy spring morning.

Lethal, appears at first glance to be just that: a lethal, fierce goddess of sentualness. She preforms perfectly within frame during this set. Immaculately capturing the attention of the viewer, peaking interest. The photographic chemistry in this set displayed between model and photographer is flawless, as is the end result of the editing process.

It’s impressive how Lethal is gentle and cat-like in her form, as she whimsically posses laid against multiple surfaces. The natural essence of her modeling form is raw, and gripping. Lethal’s confidence is apparent as she commands attention with intention, not shy but right in your face. She is aware of her own influence and she does well to show it.

The classroom setting is perfect, as it is playful in nature as well as educational. It would be well fitting, as these shots are very educational as to the specific flair of this especially flavorful lass. It’s nice, and interesting, a far cry from a simple bed-and-sheet shot. Plus girls and school books go together like any male upbringing ever. C’mon it fits like peanut butter and jelly.

Completely flawless set to introduce this fashionable model here to Setz.

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Source – SuicideGirls.com