Silicone VS Natural

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When it comes to preference in beauty, which is really better, or does it matter?

Today, i pose a slight debate- is all natural better? Is it silicone all the way?

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Let me first start off by saying, all women are beautiful regardless of shape size, and deficiencies are truly in the eyes of the beholder. I don’t mean to rate the scale of beauty of any woman, simply by weighing in on whether she has fake boobs or not, I simply raise a harmless debate. 

With that out of the way, as a woman appreciator, what is really better? Or does it even matter?
Let’s weigh a few points:
Natural. When it comes to natural, in terms of breast, butt, lips, or what-have-you, I believe natural is always preferable over any surgical enhancement. I say this regardless, whether or not “this girl, might not have as much as that girl” or whatever people might say. Nor what the individual might feel about herself. I simply believe natural is better, regardless of whether or not the woman is “lacking” in any specific area of interest, that’s just what I think. 

Now you could ask me why, and I would say this:

Basically, natural is better because well. . . it’s more natural. Hell, everyone has their flaws, we know them and some of us accept them better than others, but at the end of the day we all have them. Just the same, those flaws stick with us forever, they are part of us. So if you have small boobs, and you want them bigger, that’s fine, but once more your breasts are perfectly fine the way they are. Simply put to those who compare themselves to others: we are not others, and others are not us.

Natural breasts are also great in the long run. I mean, simply put, silicone breasts, if they’re appealing, look great while the woman’s young, but what about once they’re in their later years? Aptly put, we all slack on the upkeep at some point in our lives, and that being said, wrinkled hanging flesh containing perfectly round silicone orbs that awkwardly poke out aren’t too appealing. Everything has a expiration date, except for maybe McDonald’s burgers, and fries.

Now with silicone implants, and shots there can be some good things. Sure, for a woman who is heavily insecure they can be helpful. Sure, they can also lead to more attention, and sometimes enhance beauty, a slight tweak of improvement, if you want to say.

When done well, I will admit that they do look great, which leads you to believe, whether you would be so impressed with the female if she hadn’t gotten enhancements. Sometimes, implants do help, but that’s not to say that they were necessary.

The negative side of implants however, is that they can look extremely unnatural. . .

On the bad side- implants look like beach balls on a woman who is predominantly without curves. When fake boobs look bad, they can completely throw the look of a woman off, and actually make her look a little like a porn star. Besides that, you can almost always tell when breasts or butts are fake; they don’t move i.e. jiggle or any of the above for the most part, which makes them a little robotic. What can also be added is that simply knowing they are fake just makes the deficiency stand out even more, like face paint on a pig. Sometimes it’s just better to leave well enough alone, even if you may have the chest of a so called teenage boy.

Overall, natural just looks more natural, and that for most of us normal society-traversing folk seems to be what counts. It takes a truly confident woman to understand her flaws, and flaunt them other than try to fix them.

That’s my opinion, but what do you think?