Jellievis – Rocking Horse – Set Review

A look into the beautiful set featuring the wonderful Jellievis, that makes me think pianos and violins

At first glance, love. . That’s it, my English is impaired when I first witness this set as I can only think about just how amazingly well done it is. Rocking Horse captures the beautiful essence of this model perfectly, and does an amazing job in creating a scene that amazes you right down to your soul. Sure that might be a lot of mystical wording, but that is truly the impression I get when I looked at this piece.

Firstly, let me comment that dreads on the right woman, can be very sexy in general. They can really give women a really unique alluring look, just on the edge of mysticism- due to the actual spiritual origins behind them.

This particular model Jellievis featured here, is very unique in her appearance and style, and is rather compelling here. The setting of this particular piece, which is set in a simple primarily white room, is awesomely implemented as it correlates perfectly with the models light complexion and her lingerie. It’s mind-boggling in areas of beauty, almost uncanny.

The entire set has this whole cream, ivory theme and it comes off especially great here. It is obvious that the photographer, and/or both model and photographer did an excellent job in selecting these scene for the shoot. It definitely displays the model beautifully in the most natural fantasy-element.

It has a type-of winter-esque, snowy feel that really gives story and purpose for the model to be in the room. It’s calming, and very artfully seductive in a way that peaks the creative side of the brain, rather that simply being hot and heavy.

As far nude photography pieces go, this one in particular does a perfect job in putting itself in the upper eschalant of pin-up pieces.

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