HennaN – Don’t This Look Like The Dark – Set Review

commentive look at this dark, ballroom set featuring the wonderfully versatile muse Henna N.

The aura of this model, and her dark edgy look in reminds me of a type of mystery novel, where the prime suspect is a vixen with stunning looks. But this is imagination in play. As for actuality, this set is rather simple in nature, although it does do well to play on the intricate details of the room and use them to enhance the influential value of the piece.

A simple, small hotel room with grand decor does well to give this set a sharp presence of note. The photographer did well at the placement of the model in front of a mirror, which can indeed be alluded to its own metaphors and meanings. It’s also an excellent way to show the model’s beauty from multiple angles. Always the ever dynamic game plan.

The particular focus of interest seems to be on accentuating her unique form, which could be compared heavily to a that of a high fashion model, or a high fashion nude model- if that makes any sense. The slender, and sexy body of Henna also plays to that stereotype very well, although not in any type of damaging way. I personally think her shape is very unique, and is one of the key points that make her stand out, attributing to her appeal.

As for her form, her posing is heavily expressive in lieu the more classic form of modeling- with just a bit of arrogance. Shes a beautiful devil in a black dress and the fact that she is very aware of that is readily apparent. This would seem that would be the style of this model. As she seemingly relies more so on striking sharp, poignant poses aimed at leading a strong, powerful impression of her on the audience, rather than softer ones. Great, and truly unique she is.

Besides the obvious, there isn’t much more that needs to be said that isn’t already expressed with the shots themselves. A great set, set to play on the unique striking look of the model, that does well to accentuate her uniqueness.

Short, and sweet perfection, with just a hint of spice.

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Source – Zivity.com