Ramen – La Sirena – Set Review

The second set from the lovely Ramen, it’s so grand, I just had to review it. 

Ok, so sure I did just review a set by this model, but this set is actually the most recent by the model, and it’s so good I just had to put a review up. So with that being said let’s get right into it, shall we?

First of let me start by saying, the scenery set for this scene is one of the best floating around the net featuring an alt model, which is partly why I decided to review it. At first sight it’s simply breath-taking, it’s a shame the images are on a computer screen, and not a fully fledged art print. I’m certain simple average sized monitors can’t do this set it’s due justice.

Ramen, looks amazing. With her blue colored hair adding just that extra hint of needed abstractivity in the scene. It’s apparent that extreme detail was paid to time in which the shooting was done as it appears to be somewhat of a dusk atmosphere. This is without contest the variable that sets of the influence of this shot, it’s truly magical. It can’t be stressed how much every color perfectly blends, and fits seamlessly with each other. This is not something you see everyday, but when it is done correctly it can lead to wonders such as this set.

Besides the alluring atmosphere, Ramen’s display of modeling is very much fitting. She really seems fluent, and care free in her performance inside of frame. She even manages to find will to take a dip within the waters, during which she looks like a brilliant rendition of a fabled mermaid of sorts. Her skin is also truly radiant as the subtle light bounces off of it, giving sparkle to the tiny droplets of water that shine on it’s surface.

The La Sierna set is an amazing wonder of photography, and alt. modeling. It’s not possible for me to express its attraction in entirety here, to experience its full appeal, you simply have to see it for yourself.

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Source – SuicideGirls.com