HexHypoxia – Tactically Late – Set Review

Espionage, sexuality, guns, and liquor all in one pretty cool set by the legendary HexHypoxia

Ok so, really cool imaginative set by the lovely, and supremely skilled alt. model with a body gifted from God: HexHypoxia.

Hex is one of my favorite models, that I actually had the slightest missed opportunity to work with not too far back, as she was actually in my town last year. But alas, maybe one day. Anyway, we see Hex here in all of her glory on the rather more playful side- it’s apparent that she is a spy, or agent of sorts or at least would be the theme of this set.

It’s cool, it’s different, and it matches the style of hers in particular. It’s always nice for models to take a slight step away from the the typical high fashion, Vogue style, seductive pin-up, and express the more playful side of their personality once in a while.

I think this piece achieves this well. While simple in nature, hell about as simple as you get. . .  It does more than well enough to be interesting.

It has nice props, those guns look very realistic. And the lighting does well to highlight and accentuate the warm hue of her skin, while keeping the frames varied with some dynamic angles.

Hex is always a delight to behold, and as usual she doesn’t disappoint to keep things creative here in her various positionings. It’s also worth being noted that as her Tumblr blog page is called “Vodka, Cupcakes, and Tattered Fishnets,” it’s apparent that the alcohol acts a further extension of her personality, and adds a nice touch as well.

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Source – Zivity.com