Belette – Kill It With Fire – Set Review

Today I speak on the set featuring the gloriously mysterious Belette

Black veils, and rooty-oak trees, and beautiful skin create a concoction of greatness. 
  • At first glance 

Tree roots, and bright skies with a beautiful model dressed under black grabs makes this set a grabbing one of attraction. Belette can be explained, as provocative in the most natural sense of explaining. It’s not as if it’s apparent that she is attempting to be seductive, but rather it flows just as the natural as the form of the roots have grown throughout the the field.

  • Notes of enjoyment

The scene chosen here is just amazing, coupled with Belette’s modeling and uniqueness really makes this piece magical. I want to say magical, because I believe it’s rather apparent of her rather witch-esque look that is truly fascinating. Looking at this set, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sense of her alluring aura. The meshing of model, and atmosphere fit so seamlessly that it transcends it’s very presence.

  • Follow through 

This particular setting, in its self is amazing, why? Because, you can’t look at a cove of twisting tree-trunks, and roots and not feel all whimsical and stuff. It was a great choice. The lighting, is spot on, slightly-cinematic; slightly story telling. Lit- but not too much, generating an over all cool feel. It’s also easy to note that the post editing- touch-ups obviously attributes to this as well.

  • The ending result

Overall, when you add up all of these facets that were explained here, well it’s obvious that this is a beautiful set. Besides that very obvious notation, there are also your eyes that can, and have probably told you “wow, this is amazing and she is gorgeous,” this posting however, just did some work at pointing out some of the reasons why that is.

Great set, beautifully unique model. 
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