Shimi – Kissable – set Review

Truly a playful, and exquisite set featuring the lovely Shimi that just steams of hotness. . . .

I think I’m in love with the coco. . . 

  • At first glance
Do you like ice cream? Candies? Sugar canes? Well this set has the same in common will all of those as it is just pure sweetness for you eyes. It’s just sugary sweet, and full of delicious playfulness. What we are presented with here is a very lovely, and very stylish model who just exudes hottness, and energy. Not a average Nelly here, as she is without a doubt one of the most beautiful models featured on SG.

  • Notes of interest

Its not hard to point out some of the most obvious points here, with the biggest being that Shimi looks like a goddess with the glowing skin akin to a decadent pastry in the window of any bakery. What else can be noted is that it’s just a simple playful setting, one that draws on its own intrigue of adventure. If you’re a tad clueless of what I mean, what i’m saying is that it’s about a naked body on a bed, for an adult it shouldn’t be hard to discern the amount of adventure that I might be hinting to.

  • Follow through

Lighting, angling, exposure, Shimi’s exuberant energy- all some of the factors that make this set shine. There is really not enough that can be said about this piece, they really do a good job at creating all types of shots. I am always particularly partial to the close-up shots in general, as they really do evoke a different level of creativeness overall. What I mean by that is that it takes a keen eye to notice a model’s unique features, and focus them into a effective capture. We are presented with a couple of those here, as well as a wide variety of positioning which leave me very impressed.

  • The ending result

Pure butterscotch beauty in the most wonderful form. I can say that this set completely captures my fancy, and gets plus points for being so wonderfully spirited. The level of detail, and creativity in this piece is one that separates this from every general-bland unimaginative photo set. I have to give due credit to the model, as well as photographer for gifting us with such a nicely wrapped chunk of gold.

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