Nipple Tattoos – Good, or Bad?

So what do you think about nipple tattoos? You know the tattoos that cover up the nipples, in either heart or some other more detailed shape, are they a yeh or neh?

What do you think about them? Do you think they add to the fun, or take away from it? Is it possible to mess up a good thing, or are they just a minor tweak of improvement? 
Firstly, as a male I will say that before anyone may get offended about what they are and aren’t allowed to do with their body, I am merely saying this as an appreciator- and lover of females, as is my nature. If you like them and get em’ more power to you.

Now. Nipple-tattoos, let’s talk about them because I don’t particularly favor them ascetically in general. Sure, they look nice just like any other tattoo but I have an inclination to say that if it ant’ broke don’t fix it.

Snazzy designs are nice, but the problem is that they do take away from what is a treasure to be revealed. What I mean by that is essentially, instead of appreciating a female in her most natural form, the experience is cheapened when an perfectly fine areola is transformed into an unnatural shape.

via lady.adam.warlock.tumblr

Somethings are fine, nipple-rings, labia-rings, these are nice because the original form is intact, but when you modify something so unique’s natural appearance, it transforms it completely into something of a clip-art nature.

Nipples are unique, why? Because they are so different and vary so much. In my personal opinion they look great just how they are because they are what they are. Regardless of whether they are small, big, REALLY big, it doesn’t matter because they are unique and they are yours. When you choose to tamper with that for the sake of turning them into something “cool” they practically lose all of that uniqueness.

Your given body is most beautiful in it’s most natural state, meaning without being modified. Not to say that it’s not beautiful, it’s simply that certain changes really take something from a that of what it was, to being something completely different, unrecognizable. It can be seen as a little off-putting, maybe even distracting, or even maybe beautiful based on your opinion. There’s no definitive opinion, as we all see beauty in different things, so it’s not to say that nipple-modifying-tattoos can be incontestably one thing- this much is obvious.

That being said, sure they are cool in a way- but in the same sense they can too be a little strange for those more keen with naturality. That’s not to say that it is a BIG deal, but just something to ponder the specifics of.

That’s my take on it, what about yours? What do you think about nipple-tatts?