Charliejanee – Sea La Vie – Set Review

Beach air, snapping salt-water, dynamic geographic formations and a beautiful woman.

  • At first glance

It’s obvious that its a beautiful piece. Never is it incorrect to mix beautiful models, with the beach, it’s not really something that can go wrong, in the typical sense. Sun-kissed skin, beautiful poses and that exotic look-and-feel it’s all here. Really, if you don’t enjoy beaches and beautiful women, you must put paprika on your fries instead of salt. The two go together like peanut butter and jelly.

  • Notes of enjoyment

This set achieves some pretty spectacular things. It manages to display the model in a most beautiful location, which she rather flawlessly performs against the subtle light of the sun. The way she peers into the camera, as if the audience is the deviant lover, as if it’s just the two of you on the small patch of sand. It’s just wonderful to look at. Hard is it, to resist her compelling allure and not be memorized by her beauty.

  • Follow through

Charliejanee, while having one of the longest monikers I’ve come across is very pleasing in this classic rendition of a the text-book model shoot. The photographer does very well in catching her in her most natural element. She appears to be having enjoying herself, and it feels like the shoot is natural and free. The person behind the lens, in a style true to pin-up photography, also takes special care in focusing on those specific moments and areas of beauty, as can also be seen throughout the piece. It is however, the excellent lighting of that perfectly captured sun-light that really helps this set shine.

  • The ending result

What results of this wonderful chemistry between model- and photographer is a true work of beauty, and lasting appeal. The piece is slick, and glaringly gorgeous. It does a wonderful job of representing this particular model’s talent. Charliejanee is a wonder to see, and a babe in front of the camera. Hope to see more of her work in the future.

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