Hottie Highlight – Vany Vicious

One of the coolest models based out of Cali. The very outspoken, and stylish Vany Vicious

While this isn’t one of my favorite models, I do think and admire her style, and work. Vany Vicious is a alternative model, and forefronter of her own brand of Vany Vicious wear, shirts- hats etc.

She is a rather unique model that is very well known to be communicative with her fans, in the way of quirky Instagram and vine videos, where she is predominantly known to speak out her mind. It’s not uncommon for her to speak out about rude fans, and tell off a creepy verbally abusive fan or two. This in a way makes her interesting, as you don’t typically see too many models responding in such ways, she is a independent rebel of the culture in  a way, thus would give validity to the second part of her moniker – Vicious.

Her style of modeling is more of the L.A. style of fashion in the way of clothing- your typical tatted up “goddess” model, rocking short-shorts, a cut-off tee, while puffing on a cigarette- you know, cool shit. She is basically an accumulation of what most of us appreciators, or even facilitators of the alternative modeling community love.

What’s also interesting about her, besides her quirky personality, is that which makes you appreciate her even more- the fact that she is all natural. No boob implants, she doesn’t hide under an excessive amount of make-up, she is just naturally beautiful. Her confidence, style  and personality is what makes her an impressive muse. Not to mention that she is also very skilled in her craft, and has the innate ability to model some very impressive shots.

If anything can be said about Vany is that she is a model for the community. She seems real, and puts it all out there, and here in the world today being real seems to be a quality that is getting rarer and rarer.

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