Yugen – Love Spent – Set Review

The always wonderful model Yugen featured in a very-exquisite looking piece

As clean and clear as a fresh plate of dessert pastries, a site to behold

  • At first glance
It’s amazing that this model never really ceases to amaze my eyes. She always manages to completely capture your attention, with her rather unique look of passive seduction. She has this uncanny resemblance of a very vampire-like essence, that adds to her overall appeal. Purely intoxicating is the look of her.

  • Notes of enjoyment

As always, seemingly no matter the time of place this model is photographed she never fails to be an absolute beauty this piece is no different. Although, it’s a little different, it’s good because it’s different in a interesting way. The sense of creativity in limiting the piece to this very small secluded area is apparent. It works well because as I said it gives it a very normal, type-of backyard feeling, which is pretty nice. The tree’s in the back give it a nice tropical feel all at the same time.

  • Follow through

The lighting of this piece, the way the shade balanced with what little sunlight peeks in from outside of the trees is really done well here. It has somewhat of an island feel, although not too much, as it’s leans a tad bit more on the evening- glass of margarita on a chill day type of vibe. The colors are so crisp here, that it transcends above simple pin-up into that of fine art in certain shots.

  • The ending result 

Simply said, this piece is great and deserves all the good things that might be said about it. The photographer does an outstanding job capturing this majestic beauty, and she does a amazing job performing as a top class model as always. The color coordination is on-point, the lighting is great and it’s just overall a good piece. As always, it’s great to see the wonderful Yugen.

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Source – Suicidegirls.com