Saria + Lua – Minuet Of Forrest – Set Review

The completely colorful, and sexy set featuring two wonderfully seductive mistresses Saria and Lua

  • At first glance

Completely sensual this one is, as all of the Suicide Girl double features seem to be. Normally they’re very cuddly, with just a hint of a sexiness overtone. Most of the time very well done, which makes be think If I were lesbian female, if I would appreciate them that much more. Regardless, you can immediately see that there was focus done in making sure the models are at the forefront of your attention. It’s pretty obvious, as their rather cotton candy color hair- Lua with the rainbow, and Saria with the azure blue, stand out immensely against the white of the background. Looking to make this set a interesting one.

  • Notes of enjoyment

Here, if you appreciate any type of fine artistry, that of the inner workings of the passionate center of the brain coupled with that of the appreciation of the fine architecture of the female body, doubled here with interest of showcasing a rather steamy chemistry than it’s easy to notice what exactly there is to be enjoyed here. One might find them self overjoyed at just how well these two unique models shine in this rather playful environment. Fair tones, and bright hair strands with that simple aura of hotness makes this an easy winner.

  • Follow through

Well, here in the above frame is a good signifying statement for the reasons this set is rather brilliant. For some unknown reason, looking at this i’m rather heavily influenced in having a craving for some type of creamy-fruity oatmeal, but I can’t put my finger on why. But, regardless of that matter, the planning of this set is decently done. Nothing, over the top, it’s very simple, reminiscent of two playful lionesses fawning over one-another in heat of playful passion. It’s straight and to the point, but that’s because this is all which is needed. It’s mainly for visual enjoyment, rather than pushing boundaries, and that’s all which is necessary.

  • The ending result

Unless you are rather unfond of females playing, innocently together the result that this piece is rather apparent in a simple glance. It manages to make something beautiful of what might be an edgy subject matter for some, but what is ultimately a beautiful scene overall. It the realm of art, all is beautiful, and these two lovely young maidens do well in their performance in making this fact known.

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