Reed – Your Bedroom Wall – Set Review

Truly one of the most magnificent beauty muses around.. 

Look and not be amazed.. I dare ye- 
  • At first glance

Now it goes without saying, even though i’m taking the time here to say it, that the model Reed as she should be named, is one of the most angelic, purely struck from an ore of beauty- models I have ever laid my eyes on. She is simply delectable in every way. And it’s becomes very hard to reference such a model, without at least taking time to make a quick note of that, simply because it’s so apparent. As soon as your eyes land on the page, it’s just magical, simply magical..

  • Notes of enjoyment

Now here besides the fact that we have a heaven-sent model of unique-and precious appearance and glow to be pointed out, there are other point to be made about this set. It’s overall very soft, and it does well in focusing very justly in displaying the model’s unique vibrance within frame. The way the soft texture of the portraits match the very soft and alluring Reed’s physical appearance- that of pure innocence. How it uses color selection and bold close-and-personal shooting to pronounce the overall tone. Aptly done by photographer, and model- as she is flawless in posturing execution as she is captured by a very skillful eye in various angles which showcase the beauty of her uniqueness at all sides.

  • Follow through

As mentioned, the display here is one of truly joyous occasion- a highlight of the beauty which is the portrait style of photography, which is basically a way to capture the essence of a figure as completely as possible- and translate that into a shot that gives you a specific feel. The overall feel, or vibe rather that can be gathered from this set is nothing but pure elegance- i’m talking Dove soap commercials where the pale soap is dropping into pools of cream which causes it to cascade over the screen type elegance. This set is like a silky milk-bath for the eyes. It’s lovely if only to feature the model in all over her wonder. There isn’t much more that is necessary here, it’s simply a excellent showcasing of a brilliantly shimmering gem.

  • The ending result

When it comes to portraits, or pin-up alternative portraits discussing photography in general- it’s hard to imagine who wouldn’t be completely head over heals with this piece. It’s about finding that little inner beauty that is in all of us, and showcasing it in the most poetic fashion which speaks without words. It’s simply a fact of the matter that Reed’s beauty doesn’t fall prey to requiring riddles or a being that of harder to find, because it shines like the brilliance of a white dwarf star. Well, if it isn’t apparent at this point, than I would definitely have to tell you that this model is definitely one who’s beauty I admire which would be rare to find a particular match for..

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