Jon Mann – Flora and Fauna 8 – Shot Comments

Flora and Fauna 8 by JonMann on DeviantArt

Pretty amazing capture by the master Jon Mann here. 

I have been a Deviant follower, and sub-contributor for quite a while- about ten years so I have seen some pretty amazing photography works, and Jon Mann is known to put out some pretty amazing stuff,

The appeal here is simple as fuck, a pretty young woman radiantly lit against a wall. Off of face value it’s pretty, not hyper amazing- but it stands firm on prettiness.

The other note of appeal here is the particular model, and her rather natural take on herself.

It’s the bush. That bush is amazing, artfully amazing.

I often find myself finding enjoyment in these types of shots that showcase rather natural models like this one, it’s different just enough for you to have to ponder about whether it’s a statement or not.

Regardless, it’s art in the most natural form. Art of the human body.

There are a couple works being uploaded by this photographer on his Dev page, and they are quite good.

If you are interested, head over and why not leave some helpful comments while your at it!

– Ten’nin Typer