Easy Shutter – Kitchen (7) – Shot Comments

I’ve been following Easy Shutter in Deviant for a while now, and the shots that are usually posted are more of your hobbyist type shots, nothing extravagant in terms of complexity, but pleasing to see nonetheless. 
This shot is pretty nice to me. It features a model that is often featured on his uploads, as it seems this photographer prefers to work with a lot of the same models as opposed to a huge collection of different models every upload. 
Here it’s pretty basic as you can see, a brick wall and a bum, a greatly photographed bum, but it’s basically a shot about her glute area. 
This is great, as I think that this model is rather interesting and beautiful to say the least. I am a huge fan of tones, skin-tones, mood-tones, lighting-tones, so I can say that I appreciate her fair skin photographed against the reddish brick. 
It’s worth saying it’s a particularly pale capture, as her skin and both prick seem to blend in with each other, as they both have notes of rosy-pink hues going on. 
There isn’t really an emphasis on the lighting or shadowing here, it’s pretty much a what you see is what you get but that’s also what makes it interesting. It doesn’t always have to be about being complex, sometimes the simple will get it done just good enough. 
Either way, it’s a great capture of a lovely model.