Perfect Ass Shots – Riae Suicide

I thought I would just take a moment to appreciate this fine model, and her unique approach to the booty shots of nude modeling. 

One of my favorite models, as she is certainly one of the most God-glorifyingly beautiful nude pin-up models on this earth in my opinion, is Riae of the Suicide Girls site. 
I wanted to simply appreciate one of her signature shots that you don’t see too much of in pin-ups; it’s often you will see an ass- or particularly and anus shot, but not quite as well done and simply lovely as Riae’s. 
The anus, as you would have it, is a rather private spot of the body as some would see it as not so pleasing to be seen, while others would see it as simply another part of the beauty which is our bodies. In a certain sense, I think the anus has a place in a time, and in model photography can be quite nice to show when done correctly. 
It’s that one little spot that on a females body where, depending on the model, might not be the most flattering thing that they would like to showcase to the world.
I believe it’s about confidence, and overall about security with the individual’s idea of sexuality.
Some women just aren’t comfortable showing it off lightly, at least not in close detail, but it is simply another part of the human body, and to the eye of the beholder can be somewhat of a treat to the eyes just as the rest of it is. 
Regardless of that, I simply wanted to show off this fascinating model’s art prowess, as I admire her courage and security with herself, as well as her beautiful sets. 
Below are some of those of her booty shots which she seems to so highly enjoy showing off that I have picked to show as an example of what’s to be appreciated. 
The last isn’t really a but shot, but I think it is rather a display of Riae’s confidence in herself and all of her body, and of her courage to not fear to bear it all in the sake of art. 
Members can view Riae’s gallery of sets here
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