Body and Soul Images – Purple and Lace 4 – Shot Comments

Purple And Lace 4 by MordsithCara on DeviantArt

So the beautiful Chelsea Christian here featured in this shot, one of the best of her portfolio, in my opinion,

Typically a nude model, she is but in this shot it’s nice to see her in some modest lingerie, that does well to accentuate the shot. The chemistry of the lighting and the placement is very steamy here, one of the steamiest of her shots in my opinion. The result is stunning.

It’s not a usual thing for her style as it’s often a tad more tame, but this was a nice surprise.

I am very much a fan of her unique form, and as well as her fair complexion, she’s simply an ultra-talented muse overall.

Her figure is pictured perfectly her in it’s full glory, as it manages to be one of her best and sexiest shots even without nudity. Sometimes, it’s just the simple beauty that outshines all of the other..

It’s the energy, the focus, and form that makes it a treasure.

A definite pin-up art masterpiece.