Saju90 – Untitled – Shot Comments

Untitled by Saju90 on DeviantArt

The beautiful, delectable muse- Alexandria, or Saju90 of Deviant Art, the Korean-Russian beauty that is magic behind every camera shot shows that as fact here in this shot.

It’s obvious that this model has an incredible body, more apparent that the photographer had an especially keen eye for this shot here. It’s simply excellent.

The framing, and the way the muscles and especially the dimples on her lower back make for art in clear view. It’s nothing less than adequate how the warmth of the photo matches perfectly with the model’s uniquely blended color-complexion.

The light and shadows, fold and bend to paint a masterpiece of the human body. The magic here is that it’s not too complected, but rather it sets and makes it’s point perfectly known.

The glory of the shot is in the detail, and it’s fine intricacies. There is a very profound beauty in the human body, some of which can only be viewed in a very close and calm demeanor, or at least that of a photo, here in this shot lies that proof.

Beautiful capture of a beautiful muses’ human body.