Scribbles- Young Love – Choice Shot

The ever impeccable upper torso spread shot.. ever the pleaser 

Here on this lovely young model’s featured Suicide set, I wanted to share a certain shot from it that caught my eye that I’m sure you will enjoy. The entire set is rather good, but this time I thought I would simply take a snap from it and speak some thoughts about it.

It’s a rather beautiful shot, made even more so by this model’s beautiful pair of green eyes, which can be seen in full glory in her set, as they are rather one of her best features displayed here in this work.

As for the pose- I am always rather fond of this type of shot- the raised armed position which shows under the arms. In a way it displays a bit of vulnerability, and submissiveness which is rather attractive overall.

Here is no different, which is simple in effort, however the makings of a wonderful shot. The model really looks well placed against the textured wood of the floor, which makes rather decent contrast with her fair skin. It glows brilliant against the pale, weathered wood.

These elements blended together overall make for a very good shot on this model’s behalf, and certainly make it a beauty deserving of it’s own praise.

Check out the full set featuring Scribbles here There’s plenty more goodness to be seen viewing it in it’s entirety! 

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