Photoport – Nadya- Shot Comments

Nadya by photoport on DeviantArt

Nude models, pool side of a beautiful view with perfect lighting filtering.

Pretty great right?

Exactly my thoughts here on this shot by the photographer with the Deviant ID of PhotoPort. Always a impresser when it comes to fine photography shots.

This partake is particularly interesting, and he has chosen a rather intoxicating model for this posture. Her slender, petite body works well the top down angling- making it a rather intriguing shot, even to be considered a play on eyes of sorts.

It’s the perfect execution that makes this shot a winner and an eye-catcher.

It’s also worth making note of the rather icy-cool filtering and editing used here, which does a little to bring some goose-bumps to the spine. It’s that ending touch that really takes this shot over the edge, and makes it more than just the average cam-shot that can so frequently litter the web.

Not all photographers are created equal, although this is known, it’s true that this one is a definite diamond in the rough and it’s proven with works like these.