Reed – Bud and Brunch – Set Review

 Another fresh, amazing set featuring the beautiful lass Reed for your viewing enjoyment

  • At First Glance

Here again, as I have reviewed a set by this lovely model at least once already- but really when you’re talking about this model there is really no amount that is too much. I haven’t posted any reviews as of late, as of life taking much of my time but I thought that this set was perfectly apt for a review seeing as how it is also fresh off the Suicide Girls press, and much appreciated

First of all, that clear-sort of hazy, high contrast photo filter editing here is just amazing– it makes this set a immediate jaw dropper amidst the much varied cash of suicide sets. It’s a fresh change, which borders the line of much more of a highly fine are compared to many of the other more basic sets. 
Along with this, the fact that as always Reed looks like a damn goddess behind the lens of these shots- it really can’t be said enough just how supreme this model is skill-wise, as well as beauty- wise. She preforms amazingly, just by being the natural effortless beauty that she is- and it flows from her like the falls of many natural springs here. 
  • The Details

The filter also does a tremendous job at accenting her look, as well as the nicely color coordinated blue-geisha robe that adds that extra needed flair at the beginning of the set. Everything from the simple white lingerie she is briefly adorned in, to the deep brown wood from the patio chairs and the dreary grey-greenish of the fence that helps her really pop out against the background all at the perfect accents that make this a glorious set. 
In this set it’s much more than simple bed sheets, and shirts- there’s something deeper going on that is really deserving of being noticed. Even to that of an untrained eye, it can be found that there is just a little certain something that really sets this above that basic line. 
  • The Result

This set was overall a ten out of ten as far as organization goes, as well as the nice collection of poses that are preformed by the model and the nice angling and close-ups that by the photographer that really do well to bring out the true natural beauty of this model. A perfect set to bring back the set reviews, as after a very long break from them! 
The only way to truly admire this set is to see it in it’s natural glory Here on Reed’s profile. Be sure to vote and comment!
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