Fridah – Te Deseo – Choice Shot

Here we have glory, here we have greatness, here we have just a hint of goth, but overall here we have a beautiful model who goes by the handle of Fridah and a choice shot from her most recent set on Suicide

I rather like this model, as she has her own dark and lovely zest to her and always seems to feature true appeal when it comes to her modeling with just the right level of intrigue found in her sets.

I choose this shot because if it’s not quite obvious to your eyes, it just so happens to be a amazingly nice shot. Just the right chemistry at work here that makes is brilliant.

It’s simple while being rather well coordinated- we have a nice up and personal shot of the model Fridah in an exceptional pose, that is further accented by the line designs of the red basket-seat behind her. She’s enticing while also being rather hero-esque in here appearance, to those who have an imagination- there is also a little of that Spider-heroine Marvel flair going on here, if you will.

There is also the stern fact that this model simply has that perfect facial architecture for this kind of close up profile shot, making it clear that she was truly a woman biologically made to model.

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