Fridah – Trip To Cabo – Set Review

Hard to stay away from this Hispanic hottie, whom is always a extreme delight to see…

  • At First Glance

One of the greatest things about this model is her look- that dark rock & roll goddess vibe that you get from the jet black hair, dark make-up and red lipstick. Maybe i’m wrong, but it can’t be a insult when it’s such a complement, and I really feel that this factor is one of the main things that makes this muse stand out. 

To start out, I have recently just commented on a shot from this model’s most recent set on SG, but I thought hell, she’s so pretty that she is deserving of some of the spotlight on this site mentioning one of her set’s in its entirety- so, here we are. 
  • The Details

It’s a pretty simple vibe on this one, a poolside scene featuring a pretty model, but I think it’s the chemistry and the rather plain colors of the surroundings that really make her stand out- shit, it really must be those luscious locks of shimmering black hair. 
Now, simply because it’s simple, that doesn’t negate the fact that it’s incredible- it’s very well done, and as the focal point is Fridah, it hits the nail on the head. There is a whole lot of blue, and a whole lot of beauty just the same- this set is a simple killer, something out of a suspenseful thriller with a hot actress lead. 
To take witness to this set and not be amazed is to not be alive, and even more so not appreciate simple fine art. The chemistry between photographer and model is pure art in motion, and it shows in the provocative displays of shot arrangements as we are able to witness her beauty in a variety of wonderful posing forms. I’m not saying that this set reinvented the wheel, but to any appreciator to Suicide models, it’s pretty darn hot. 
  • The Result

Overall here we have a pretty spectacular unique model, in a pretty blue oasis of little heavenly joy bundled all into one magical package of spender. The results are pretty sweet, and the style of it is pretty imaginative, all the while being simple enough for the common to enjoy with even the slightest of the concentrated eye. If you’ve never witnessed the wonderful joy which is Fridah, this little taste might just be all the incentive that you need to check her out. 
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