Pax_ – Car Crash Heart – Quick Impressions

So possibly, I thought to again re-work the formats here on Hot Setz Galaxy, forgive me! But, I think that it’s important to do things in the easiest way for my time, as I work on multiple things at once, and this is not my main blog. I apologize, but I think that instead of getting repetitious in reviewing set after set, I think it’s unique to switch things up a little- keep it fresh, right? Also it helps me keep this blog current. 

So, here I wanted to instead of reviewing, not that reviews for this site will be dead and gone, however I wanted to just in short give some impressions on this set, along with some pics for your viewing enjoyment, huh, yes you love it. 
Anyway, here is a lovely blue haired goddess models named Pax, I don’t know whether or not she is named from the PAX gaming expo, but I wouldn’t be surprised if so. 
However, apart from the question raising moniker, this set is pretty nice- typical brightly-lit (as I once met and photographed a SG hopeful once, and she had mentioned the incredible amount of lighting used on a shoot) this one is no different. 
It’s glamorous because of the model, I think that she looks lovely with in her white, and her aqua-blue hair, I seem to always be a fan of. It’s a nice set, and it’s not hard to say that she looks pretty sexy- amongst all of that natural lighting. 
So don’t be a freeloader, and please do visit her on SG and give her set a heart, and comment! 
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