Linn – Who Loves The Sun – Quick Impressions

Pretty reds, latinas in pretty reds, in the sunshine light- always an incredible sight right?
I thought so, and that’s exactly what we’ve got here in this set that features this amazing model who goes by the name of Linn. 
This is a very saucy, steamy set here- it calls for all the praise that it receives. 

Linn is a beautiful muse, and does a wonderful job here being the brilliant goddess behind the lens. Slender legs, and the bright sun under the contrast of dark shadows, it’s all here. 
It really can help but make me think of a kind of Hispanic feel, and appeal- maybe this was the aim, maybe not, but it’s still works like hell anyway. 
To witness the sight of this brilliant, fiery masterpiece, click the link and don’t be a freeloader. Remember to vote, and comment.
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