This Photo Capture Of Vany Vicious

So as a pretty regular follower of this model, at least within Facebook where this photo is of origin and I can’t tell you exactly who shot it, but I want to say that she is a pretty interesting one who seems down to earth as most models are. I ran across this photo, and seeing how it is easy to appreciate, and this blog is all about alt. model appreciation, I figured why not speak some words on it?
First off, it’s a damn knock-out, it’s apparent that a big amount goes to the most-possibly crouched-camera-work skills of the photographer for capturing this gem of an angle- while undoubtedly some appreciation goes to Vany as well, as her body posing looks absolutely splendid, this is however just a magical snap. 

As per her style this capture somewhat reminds me of a glimpse of an example of a fiery angel being baptized in the illuminating rays of the planet Venus before being brought down to Hell to be Satan’s mistress or some-shit- it’s pretty deep. Sinful, yet angelic in it’s presence. 
Vany’s expression is amazing, and it’s genuine that you feel her emotion as it flows from the top of her head, all the way down to the flowing garments of her gown. Also, noting the bleak desert mounds in the background, it’s almost seems as a screen cap from a blockbuster drama. A true interesting, and exciting shot indeed. 
I have come to expect such from this young woman, as her unique style of modeling do wonders behind the lens, but you’ve already heard me speak of this if you’ve read my previous article on her. I won’t beat the subject into the ground, but simply conclude by saying- well, this is the type of stuff that true alternative modeling is about. 
If you like what you see, check out her merch shop and maybe buy some shit huh?