Mabel – Dark Forrest – Set Review/Comments

There’s just something about the beauty of this model which captures my eye, something enough to make me stop in my browsing of the new sets and really give this one a look over to see if it was worth commenting on. Sure enough, It’s a knock out. 

For one reason, Mabel, is maddening, and the name Mabel seems fitting because well, for some reason it reminds me of Maybelline- the make-up something or another company, you know, the one from the commercials? 
The association might actually be quite apt though, as can be seen in the photos as Mabel is actually a very pretty Spanish princess of a muse, who is seemingly from pure Spain- or at least from what can be discerned from her the home location she has noted on her profile. Easily enough, it is however not hard to fall prey to that Latina charm as is it’s so photogenic with the fair skin, dark contrast of the dark hair and all. How could you not love that look?
For what it’s worth, the looks of what is that unfinished tatt of the skeleton arm on her forearm looks to be a work in the process of awesome. I assume it is to be all blacked-out around the line drawing which will result in pure amazement of an art rendition which is why I used it for the feature shot.
Also, more relating to the subject it’s obvious that Mabel looks beautiful and is wonderfully styled amongst the body of water behind her and especially the waterfall, which in a way is a reflection of the geological beauty as on the opposite of her biological beauty- which is that of being a homo-sapien female.
There’s some deep philosophical stuff transpiring here, bro. 
Okay, maybe not, but the educated choosing of the backdrop and wardrobe, and lighting made for a wonderfully accented treatment of personal art. It has it’s on flair and style, sort of like how all alt. models do- and of course Mabel is no different- what you have in front of your eyes is simply a visual masterpiece.
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