Khloe, Oh Khloe – Playboy Model Khloe Terae

So this doesn’t quite fit into the alt model scene, or at least the style of modeling doesn’t because Playboy for instance is all about Adult industry and the such, however I think that I could at least speak some words about this model who I have long ago taken a liken to for her quality of work and beauty. So, if you would, level with me here. 
This model which is pictured in this photo’s name is Khloe Terae, she’s from South Africa and she’s an Adult model for Playboy. I really like her however because for one, the entire South African Caucasian is a little bit of a exotic-twist, and I happen to think that’s particularly interest although I don’t happen to know much about the culture or people from there- it’s just different. And I like different.
As different as that sounds is basically as beautifully eye capturing as this model is, she is literally stunning and it’s in fact a shame that her beauty is more fully captured by some more artistically inclined photographic en devours. I think that unless she has, as I have no idea of the contractual obligations of PB models, that she could be very much appreciated for her beauty, instead of simply her tits, and labia. Sure her boobs are fake, and her hair is bleach blonde, but that’s many of these Playboy models, as is almost a requirement for the job strangely enough. 
Either way, Khloe Terae is an outstanding model, and what of her natural beauty can be seen outside from the slight modifications, she is a fucking knock-out. 
Here are some more of this model’s works, credited to Playboy:
Source – Playboy