Leighraven – Happy – Set Review/Comments

Happy, yep the apt name for what we have here, and yes. . .this model does have a million dollar smile.
So to cut straight into it, the diggs here is your basic bed-set, you see a lot of it on SG, which is not a horrible thing in itself because it does make you focus more on the model herself, if done correctly- or it can be down right boring, however, there’s nothing boring about this model or this set. 
For starters, Leighraven has some of the most beautifully placed, and interestingly designed tattoos on her fair pleasantly radiant skin- it’s a delight to look at, not to mention the dreads which are always interesting.

I like this set because it is different, and well, the model is smiling as it is decently named “happy” which makes sense because the muse does look happy, and it’s a pleasant change from some of the other try-hard-hotties of the industry. It’s always nice to see refreshing twists, and most importantly that little spark of inner personality that makes these bubbly beauties shine. 
I take a particular interest in this model set because on the one hand- she does look happily innocent as featured, but on the other- I can’t help but think about how those dreads and tatts make her look so darn bad-ass. It’s the perfect mixture of salty-and-sweet if you will. It’s always interesting to mix extremes- if you get my drift here.

Overall it’s a very stunning set from an absolutely stunning, and hardcore-esque model. I say hardcore-esque because of the half-shaven, half-dread look; there simply has to be some points given for a legit hair style such as that. Also she keeps it very creative, and her slender-elegant body looks nice against the soft blue-and-brick of the background. This set is a definite winner.

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Source – Suicidegirls.com