JLCupcakes – Oh So Dirty – Set Review/Comments

A glimpse of the works of a truly devoted muse, and also a very creative model 

Seconds into this set you can already see that it is to be a very different one than what you possibly expect, albeit that being a good thing as it is not in any way a bad set at all. However, what you are able to witness here is the work of a model that is not afraid to get down and dirty, and be a little versatile. The term down, and dirty is also used in the most literal sense, as later on in the set it can be seen that JL actually smears her naked body with a little soil from down below- hot? Possibly, but that depends on who you ask.

However, dirt aside, this is actually a very well done and amazing set, reason being that for all it’s effort it manages to be very creative and interesting. The location screams inspiration, and has an almost endless amount of photographic imagination- it’s a picture takers dream spot. Somewhere between a desolate alley, and the spot behind that old abandoned house at the end of the block. Whatever it is, its a great spot to do a nude shooting and JL does a amazing job making the best of it.

With the help of some excellent photography angles she manages to pull of some very expressionistic poses. She turns the rustic remains of the dusty corner of a building from a crap, to completely sexy which makes for a very compelling piece.

Overall this shit is pretty-darn-dope, and makes me think a little different about crappy corner piles and rusty pipe filled corners, at least when there are beautiful models around.

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