Gotham – Green Ivy – Set Review/Comments

The brilliantly done set featuring a wonderfully talented model called Gotham.

This recent set featuring the wonderful model called by the name of Gotham, and given the personality traits of many alt models I don’t think it would be a little too far-fetched to think that her name had anything to do with Batman. However, fictional worlds aside, this model does well in being a wonder of this realm by taking the time to bestow her great beauty on it.

At first glance, my first impression of Gotham resembled that of that cute high school girl you remember at the movie theater, who stood behind the counter in an AMC uniform and served you popcorn and soda- only now all grown up.

The pure cuteness of this model cannot be ignored no matter how much you try to avoid commenting about it, because it is indeed one of the factors that actually contribute to the appeal of her seductivity, if you will. Coupled with that, the long golden-flowing Repunzel-esque locks, accented with the blue-green flame tips at the ends. Taking notice, it might be Gotham’s young-innocent, yet obviously rebellious vibe that really keeps her glued to your screen.

If its not obvious, I do think that alt. models are some of the coolest types of people out there, excuse me for photo-art-nerding-out. 

Aside from her presence, the setting place of this shot is the typical. It’s not unusually compelling, which leads me to think as to who’s visually satisfying interior decorated homes that most of these sets take places in are. I would speak on it, but it’s blatantly obvious that this set is in no-way about surroundings, or tricky camera-play, but however all about Gotham- which is completely adequate to me.

Overall, wonderful model to die for, before a very quite and fitting backdrop that leads to a very compelling shot worthy of it’s front page notice.

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