Alan Pedroso – Precious Cargo – Shot Comments

PRECIOUS CARGO by alan1828 on DeviantArt

This shot I thought I would share and do some commenting on from one of the most interesting model photographers that I follow on DevArt, Alan Pedroso.

As you can see Pedroso, is quite the creative photographer, as seen in this photo he often uses still rendered backdrops in a very interesting way, while still managing to keep his photos very high quality.

This is image is particularly interesting to me because while, I am not exclusive to only alt models for the most part, this model does however capture that impression and look of that type.

Its cool, because it’s a rather fun photo, and some fun is always nice to see. I have currently not seen too many other photographers who are able to fluently use pre-rendered backdrops with the amount of skill Pedroso does, while still managing to keep them from appearing too cheesy, although it can be seen that he does use them with quite a sense of humor at times.

I chose this photo to complement just for its amount of carefree fun, and creativeness which is always worth a mention as photography can be quite boring, and rather routine depending on who you follow. It is always nice to know that there are however artists out there who take time and effort to keep things creative and interesting.