Super Hottie – Mishamanist

A few words in review of this especially special alternative model Mishamanist

Mishamanist, in a few words- she’s hardcore and freaking awesome looking. This is obvious for anyone who maintains a set of working eyes, as it’s not hard to see at first glance that this model is pretty bad-ass. 
Mishamanist, at 22 years of age standing 5”3′ and surprisingly 88 pounds, is a French alternative model who to the first impression is stylish as one may take notice of with her large, and detailed chest piece, among her others, and very expressive artful piercings. I always view work of this nature involving top quality body ink, or metal, as placing them as being essentually walking art pieces, as would also tie into the fact that as models, they are also static art statements as well. 
As for this muse in particular, I have followed her work for a little while, and when I first saw her set on SG I was very impressed by her style and over all uniqueness in her look. There’s something very rebellious in a petite purple haired, plugged-up model- which seems to be probably for those very reasons. Also her crazily blue eyes are simply devily esqusite as well. 
As her style of model, she is more on the petite side of styling, if you want to even call that a style, however it works, and is one of the things which makes her pieces unique. It’s obvious to see by her work that she is actually talented with her craft as well, as where qualities of this nature are often lacking these days. Sometimes it not all about a pair of double d’s, and more about simplicity and beauty. Either way, it works for me, as I can find uniqueness in most things.
To learn about this model, and appreciate her beauty and her work you can click here – Her personal website
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