Lascuaux – Dessert Flower – Set Review/Comments

A look into this lovely set featuring the beautiful model presense known as Lascaux

Haven’t posted in a little while, but I thought that this little set here, which is just fresh off the press would be a good set to comment on as I think that the model is just simply beautful and also the set is a pretty good set up. 

Here we have your average simple set up, yet I believe that there is much more to it once you take notice of the model, and her almost perfect placement within it. I personally take appreciation to this model. Her look could be almost relatable to a fantasy elf, or maybe it’s simply something about her hair color. But that might just be my imagination running away with me.
Either way, this is a pretty typical set piece, although it does have a nice dessert road vibe which is always apealing in the movies, so it would be fitting to have a nice smoking hottie as the center piece of it wouldn’t you say? I’ll would also like to point out that in speaking about the colors of the set, Lascuaux really connects rather nicely with the backdrop, as her hair and skin tone are well in rhythm of it. It adds a nice touch to the piece.

Overall what we are left with is a outstandingly lovely young model, in a very nice setting, which is another one in my book of favorite sets.

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