Bombay – Purr-Fection – Set Review/Comments

Enjoy the lovely warm set featuring the beautiful Bombay
Here we have another nice simple set featuring a very unique beauty who goes by the moniker of Bombay. The set in itself isn’t terribly complex, but at first glance it’s obvious to see that the appeal to it here is the way in which the warm lighting creates itself as a high point of the piece. 
Where the model starts in a plain white one-piece, and later strips down to her bare skin showcasing the exquisite amount of chemistry her skin has with the warm glow of the surroundings. In frame it all looks rather uniform, as the wood floor, white walls and curtains blend together with the forecasting of Bombay to create some really cohesive shot pieces. The light indeed makes this magical, as it can’t be said enough about how it simply helps all of the pieces connect so well in relation to the model. 
Bombay does a wonderful job in her posing, and while the foundation of the set is built on that nice wood floor, and how it flows with the model, we do see a healthy amount of other features mixed in, which ads some spice to it. 
The nice mirror play, and the assortment of colorful decorations around it ad color, and the light blue rug prop is used well in harmonious coordination with the model’s bare skin. The set up is simple, but there are a nice amount of varied shots used by the photographer which helps to keep it from getting boring. A nice amount of wide angle, and close-up shots also showcase Bombay’s wonderful tattoo decor, and her beautiful features. 
I would have to say that as far as simplicity is concerned, the photographer does well at using just the right hint of creativity as well as showcasing the subject in a proper manner to make this set piece shine as it should.

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