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The glory of the wonderful muse that is NicoleNudes
For those who don’t know this model, which means that you may not be as avid a follower of model photographer as me, which is fine, I’ll explain: Nicole, or NicoleNudes as is her moniker ID, is a very talented full time independent model which in my humble opinion produces some of the finest high class natural works out there. 
She has been modeling since back where I can remember I first found interest in the model photography scene, and is a five-foot-seven, twenty six year old model from Toronto, Canada, who also carries a B.A. in Physiology so she is smart as she is beautiful. 
Her style of modeling is often more of your traditional, and has more of a classical more “fine-art” allure to it which works very well for her. I always love to see her in all of the new works simply because I know that it will be pure quality. Given the quality level of shots she is in I would actually hold her in some of the highest regard, if not the highest of portfolio quality that I have come across thus far in my many years on the subject, for just the consistent amount of quality which her work delivers. 
Apart from her name, the works of her portfolio are not entirely composed of nudes, as that would probably be pretty silly. I would have to say that her non-nude work on average delivers at much the same standard that her nude work does. So no, it’s not all about boobs, and butts as this model has proven that she is far more than just a center-piece for the average fan-boy’s desktop computer wallpaper. 
Much more than just a pretty face, for those who are really looking to read into the story of her, you will find that her raise to fame is actually be relatable to most of us, as she expresses on his page that she had actually gone through her fair share of chastising growing up with a less than stellar self-esteem, and actually found and grew her confidence through the act of being a model. 
Looking at her work you might find it hard to believe that someone as beautiful as her could ever be insecure about her looks, yet I found that little piece of back story very interesting and helped me to better connect and learn about the person behind the pieces. 
If you would like to learn about her for yourself, you may do so by visiting her DeviantArt profile. There through her profile links, you can also find more of her personal sites to see more of her works!
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