Virdiana – UltraViolence – Set Review/Comments

I delve into the beautifully violent world featuring the lovely Virdiana

At first glance, and as the name would suggest there was an apparent theme here which is aptly also marked with a change in hair color to a blonde, from the usual brunette that I am more used to seeing on this model. 
There is a small amount of spicy-flavor to this set, as they went for a more edgy style with the blonde-finger waves, and the large lashes and black lingerie. Overall I think it interesting, although I was caught a tad of guard by it. However, Virdiana shines in her usual way, and once you take notice of the hair change, the set stands-up pretty well. 
Sure, something as simple as going from brunette to blonde might not be a worthy change for you, but when you have been following a model for a little while, it is one thing that really stands out. To me it did, but in the context of the set I think it was accented well and covered with a good variety of shots. 
Speaking in terms of arrangement, this is your typical bed-themed alternative set, although there is some bright lighting that plays well to bounce off Virdiana’s skin, and works well to her newly blonde hairstyle. 
It’s apparent that the main theme of the set is her new edgy-rocker look, which is a tad ironic, as it’s set with a traditional and soft backdrop of a bedroom. I suppose however, that if you’re imaginative, bed-sets have quite a mysterious appeal of their own in some context. Think about how many movies use them in scenes of that type of edgy nature. 
Overall, however besides all of that, as ever- Virdiana remains one of my favorite unique models in the genre. I appreciate her for her skill, as well as her amazing curvy body. Models come in many shapes, and I personally appreciate it even more when they diverge from the typical bla. Art is in the unique not the things that blend in, and I personally find favorites in varieties. 
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